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4 May
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I'm a geek who grew up in a small town. Right now I'm working full time at a mental health hospital or a "nut hut" which is what we call it when we're feeling cynical. I'm also working on getting my degree so I can start getting paid slightly more and also get off the night shift.
Additionally, I'm a huge animal person. I myself have two cats and my roommate has 1 dog which is not currently staying with us. I've pretty much had a pet my whole life.
About 10 years ago (wow I feel old), I discovered fanfic. My first fandom was The Phantom Menace but I have since broadened my interests. Fanfic, both reading and writing, is a major stress relief for me. I also greatly enjoy chatting with the people from literally all over the world that you encounter in any fandom.
So that's me in way more words than I thought I could come up with.